Serguei Semikhatov -- Spring 2002 Skiing Pictures

Skiing in Kirovsk, 2002

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Top Sequence

(please note the two figures in the background, as a reference): Me zooming down creating more snow clouds and coming closer and then moving on

Top Episode:

Attack style.

Top Composition:

how many are we? And HERE?!


This year, we've got an assistant photographer (here hiding his advanced camera in his pocket), and I must say, he was rather efficient. Sometimes, he's also skiing. Sometimes just supervising the others. Or hitting them.


A long way in the train: We're playing a well-known card game, some are dreaming of another sip, and just stepping out at occasional stops in some queer places. Here's a major station, so everyone is out to see the steamer. Let's see that again.

In Kirovsk

Just arrived and right to the slope. We're up there, and I'm ready to go.

Day 1:

Day 2 and ALL the subsequent days:

Kirovsk Whereabouts

The Lake, the town (another one with a shadow), the road, the plains, and the other side. An UFO above the town. Kirovsk at night and through a night-vision device. And the slopes viewed through the window.


In Action:

Having a Break

The People (Us)


One and Two and Three and Four.



Repairing bindings, the board, and again (ALL interested! -- but it didn't work out eventually...), and skies. An exciting procedure, ain't it?

Having a Party

Our Computer Gurus

In action: #1, and #2 ("Den, can you still hear me?")

I've got a minor injury:

I have just been helped about, receiving everyone's compassion

Way Back

Good job done, skies! It's time to leave, unfortunately.

Intermezzo: at WW's

Resuming Our Way:

In Nikolai Nikolaevich's van and then in the train.

At Home:

I hope you liked this page :)

Bye. Cheers. See you soon.

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